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Rotala rotundifolia "Green"

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Rotala rotundifolia 'Green' is a variant of the widely known Rotala rotundifolia, which is cherished in the aquarium hobby for its easy care and beautiful growth. Unlike its red or pink counterparts, the 'Green' variant, as the name suggests, maintains a vibrant green color regardless of lighting conditions, making it a versatile and attractive option for different aquarium setups.


  • Appearance: This plant features slender, upright stems with small, round to oval-shaped leaves that grow oppositely along the stems. The leaves of Rotala rotundifolia 'Green' are a bright, vivid green. Under high light, the tips of the stems might acquire a slight pinkish hue, but the plant predominantly stays green.
  • Growth Habit: It exhibits a fast growth rate, especially under optimal conditions, and can reach significant heights, making it suitable for the midground to background placement in aquariums. It tends to grow more densely and bushier with sufficient light and CO2.

Care Requirements

  • Lighting: Moderate to high lighting will promote the best growth and form of Rotala rotundifolia 'Green.' While it can tolerate lower light levels, its growth may become leggier as it stretches towards the light.
  • CO2 Supplementation: Adding CO2 is not strictly necessary but will significantly enhance growth rate, density, and overall health of the plant. CO2 supplementation encourages more robust and compact growth.
  • Nutrients: Regular dosing of macro and micronutrients will support its fast growth. It is particularly responsive to nitrogen and iron supplementation, which help maintain its vibrant green color.
  • Water Conditions: It is adaptable to a wide range of water conditions but prefers temperatures between 22°C and 28°C (72°F to 82°F), and a pH of 5.5 to 7.5. Consistent water quality through regular maintenance is beneficial.


Rotala rotundifolia 'Green' is easily propagated by stem cuttings. Simply cut a healthy stem from the main plant and replant the cutting in the substrate. The cut portion will quickly root and continue growing, allowing aquarists to spread or thicken the plant's presence in their aquascape.

Aquascaping Uses
  • Group Plantings:
    Planting in groups or clusters is effective for creating lush backgrounds or midground stands, adding depth and contrast to the aquascape.
  • Accentuating Colors: Its vibrant green color makes it an excellent plant for contrasting with redder plants in the aquarium, helping to highlight different areas of the tank.