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Aquael Ultramax 2000

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The powerful and professional Aquael Ultramax - 2000 combines modern sophistication with futuristic technologies to create a one of a kind canister filter suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The unit boasts five exceptionally spacious and ergonomic filter media baskets (with a 0.5 gallon capacity for each) allowing aquarists to place large amounts of their desired media. Combined with a rather high flow rate of 528 GPH, this filter is incredibly effective at removing particulate matter and helping to clean and clarify cloudy aquarium water. Additionally, the unit includes a one of a kind pre-filter that has been conveniently built into the lid of the device, trapping large impurities and helping to reduce clogging, reduce maintenance and extend the life of the unit itself. And for greater ease of use, the pre-filter simply needs to be washed with tap water and is back to new again!

Unlike some filters that can sound like a jackhammer going off, the Ultramax is built with a uniquely designed pump rotor, rotor chamber and ceramic rotor shaft to ensure that smoothest, quietest operation possible. To make things even easier on aquarists, a self-priming mode during start-up allows you to have this filter up and running in no time at all. As many fishkeepers fret about leaks and water damage, Aquael has equipped these filters with an integrated cut off valve as well as durable and reliable dual ball-valves to prevent even the smallest of leaks and to allow the hoses to be quickly and easily disconnected for maintenance. This sleek, energy efficient canister filter only draws 24 watts of power, and features a max head height of 8.2 feet. Ideal for aquariums between 105 - 184 gallons.