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Anubias Barteri var nana ‘Bonsai’

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  1. Size and Appearance: The 'Bonsai' variant is usually smaller in size compared to the standard Anubias barteri var. nana. It is crafted to have a more compact and tree-like appearance, with a defined central stem and carefully arranged leaves. The leaves often retain the characteristic heart shape of Anubias nana.

  2. Growth Rate: Anubias, in general, is known for its slow growth, and the 'Bonsai' variant is no exception. This slow growth rate can be an advantage for aquarium hobbyists who prefer low-maintenance plants that require less frequent trimming.

  3. Placement: Like other Anubias varieties, the 'Bonsai' variant should not be buried in the substrate. Instead, it can be attached to rocks, driftwood, or other decorations in the aquarium. The potted format makes it easy to place and secure the plant in the desired location.

  4. Lighting and Conditions: Anubias plants, including the 'Bonsai' variant, are adaptable to a range of lighting conditions. They generally thrive in moderate to low light. Ensure that the plant is not exposed to excessively bright light, as this can lead to algae growth on the leaves.

  5. Propagation: If desired, the 'Bonsai' variant can be propagated by dividing the rhizome. Carefully cut the rhizome into sections, making sure each section has both roots and leaves. These sections can then be attached to decorations or other surfaces in the aquarium.