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Anubias Barteri Round Golden Coin

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Anubias Barteri 'Round Golden Coin', commonly abbreviated as Anubias 'Golden Coin', is a delightful and eye-catching freshwater aquarium plant that is perfect for both novice and experienced aquarists. This plant variety is a mutation of the well-known Anubias Barteri, and it stands out with its unique, almost circular leaves that are bright green in color, giving a refreshing appearance to any aquarium setup.

Easy to Care For: Anubias 'Golden Coin' is renowned for its hardiness and low maintenance requirements. It thrives in a wide range of water conditions and does not demand strong lighting, making it an ideal choice for shaded areas of the tank where other plants might struggle.

Versatile Placement: This plant can be attached to driftwood, rocks, or planted in substrate, making it incredibly versatile for aquascaping. Its roots will eventually anchor to any surface, creating a natural, lush look in your aquarium.

Slow Growth Rate: One of the benefits of Anubias 'Golden Coin' is its slow growth rate, which minimizes the need for frequent pruning. This makes it a fantastic option for those who want a beautiful aquarium with minimal upkeep.

Ideal for Various Tank Setups: Whether you have a small nano tank or a large community aquarium, Anubias 'Golden Coin' is a great addition. Its robust nature means it can coexist with a wide variety of fish and other aquatic plants.

Tips for Success: For optimal growth, it's recommended to provide a nutrient-rich substrate or fertilizers and CO2 supplementation, although these are not necessary for the plant to thrive. Avoid burying the rhizome to prevent rot, and gently clean the leaves to keep them free from algae.

Incorporating Anubias Barteri 'Round Golden Coin' into your aquarium not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a healthy environment for your aquatic life due to its ability to help oxygenate the water and provide shelter for fish and invertebrates. With its striking leaf shape and ease of care, it's a must-have for any aquarist looking to add a touch of elegance and simplicity to their aquatic setup.