Thrive S- The way nature intended !


Thrive S


Shrimp keepers,the time to rejoice is now! I would like to introduce to you not only a special product in my cupboard but one I found to be innovative and trustworthy above all.Thrive S All in one shrimp fertilizer, taking the North American aquascaping scene by storm.

At one point or another as shrimp keepers, let's face it, we have all suffered losses. To help mitigate those losses, I set out on a path to try and understand why this would happen time and time again. After countless hours of research, I began to fear the worst. The culprit that had been plaguing myself and many others time after time had been right before my eyes the entire time; elevated levels of Copper.

Thrive S

 But thankfully, Nilocg had the answer we had all been waiting for and that is Thrive S. It is carefully formulated to deliver a balanced distribution of nutrients. Thrive S remains copper-free, which allows our shrimp to remain healthy through absorbing safe levels of copper, the way nature intended.

Thrive S is not only the best choice but it is also the wise choice when trying to obtain an ideal equilibrium between our aqua plants and our shrimp.