Ancient Stone, Frodo Stone -

All you need to know about Frodo Stone

My earliest encounters with frodo stone had been limited over the years to say the least. In fact, So much so that Outside of YouTube videos and the internet it would appear to me as if it never quite existed at all.

But it isn't surprising, seeing as rimless aquariums and aquascaping in general are relatively new concepts in the Freshwater aquarium community. To try and better understand what Frodo Stone is and where it came from, I had to do quite a bit of digging.

More often than not the leads would fizzle out and trails went cold. I became somewhat deterred and discouraged by the fact that it seemed like an all but impossible task to track down the person or people behind this ancient stone.

Eventually  I was fortunate enough and by chance happened across  Professional aquascaper and now friend, Ada Paszczela. Adam runs the ADA Idea studio in Poland. A cozy and inviting place often referred to as A must-see for aquascapers passing through.

What I have come to learn about frodo stone through Adam is that this particular stone is native to the Carpathian mountain ranges of Eastern Europe which spans approximately 1500 KMS long. Frodo stone is hand collected rather than mined by machinery in order to preserve the integrity and over all quality of the frodo stone being used. Collected for aquascapers b aquascapers.

Frodo Stone is inert. What this means is that it has no effect on the chemistry within the aquarium and won't disturb the delicate balance of the ecosystem within. What I find most fascinating is how each piece is unique in its own way. Varying from a dark brown to a reddish gray with deep cracks and bold shadows. These characteristics give the stones an aged look, which is why it is also referred to as the ancient stone.

A hybridization of manten stone but with the texture and cracks of a Japanese seiryu stone. The perfect hardscape for creating Diorama, nature and iwagumi styled aquariums. While frodo stone is my favorite hardscape it is just one of a handful of various hardscapes I will be introducing into the North American aquascaping community for the first time over the
next 12 months.

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